Gilroy Delish: Garli-que BBQ Challenge

Do you make a piquant barbecued chicken? Best get to the Garlic Festival and show your stuff.

BARBECUE SAUCE INGREDIENTS... can run the gourmet gamut, from heirloom tomatoes to cinnamon powder to organic honey to pure maple syrup. It all depends on the tastes of the person helming the grill, and whether the cook's creation will rock a sweeter rub, or a fiery sauce, very much depends upon what got slathered upon the meat in the early stages of preparation. But whether you prefer to go sweet or spicy with your own barbecue, it isn't difficult to see how a garlic clove or two can transform most any barbecue dish. The zestful bulb has a way of enhancing a pulled pork sandwich or chicken breast, without going the overpowering route. If you've got a major way with both the grill and garlic, and you'd like to show off your stuff for glory and cash, best throw your oven mitt into the ring at the...

GILROY GARLIC FESTIVAL: The celebrated food festival, which heats it up over the final weekend in July, has sent out the call for barbecue buffs looking to compete. There's a pro category, and five categories in which the teams shall square off, savory-style. One of the categories indeed involves the superstar clove -- it's called "Anything Goes with Garlic" -- and the only ask is that the chefs incorporate a bulb of garlic. The event is overseen by the venerable Kansas City Barbecue Society, and comes with thousands in cash prizes and trophies. Want to compete as an amateur? Best look in to joining the Backyard BBQ Rib Throwdown, which takes place on Sunday, July 31.

TROPHY TIME: If you snagged such a trophy, for your Super Mondo Garlicky Baby Back Ribs, where would you proudly display it? We have to assume you'll have a shelf built, on the patio, just a few feet from your grill and favorite tongs.

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