Gilroy’s Yummy Pumpkin Passport Contest

Dine on gourd-based goodies around the city, all October, and maybe win a getaway in South Lake Tahoe.


THINK OF GILROY, and you're likely to think of a star of the produce section, one that has a bulbous lower half, and a pointier upper part, and flavor for days. It is, hold onto your scampi, bagna calda, and 40 clove roast chicken, the garlic bulb we speak of, of course. No other place comes close to the clove-tastic reputation that Gilroy rocks, thanks in large part to its garlic-growing dominance, and, yes, that three-day, food-packed festival each and every July. But what if you pictured another sprung-from-the-ground goodie when thinking of Gilroy? A produce aisle icon, come the fall, at least, that is also rather bulbous in shape, with a zingy interior? You'd be thinking...

PUMPKINS, and while squashes and garlic are rarely paired in many minds, they actually do work well together, in the right casserole or baked dish. And, in garlicky Gilroy, the pumpkin is the visiting celebrity, all October long, thanks to the Pumpkin People Restaurant Passport Contest, a 31-day event that could, just maybe, involve a winning getaway in South Lake Tahoe. The deal with this delish dine-out to-do? You'll want to...

"PURCHASE A PUMPKIN MENU ITEM... from 10 or more of the participating restaurants listed and you will qualify to be entered into a drawing for a vacation in South Lake Tahoe. Are you a pumpkinist, through and through? And calling upon Gilroy during October? Read all, including on getting your passport stamped, as you nibble away at pumpkin-themed dishes around town. Of course, you'll want to know where to send your passport, too, when October, and your pumpkin-devouring days, have concluded. Can you put garlic aside for a few days for the...

MAJESTY OF THE PUMPKIN? Well, never, right? Garlic is always a glorious choice, too. But, come the tenth month, a certain globular orange fruit, rather than a mouth-hot member of the wider onion family, shall reign.

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