Glacier Point Road Reopens, Oh Yeah

Tioga is still closed, but call this a sure sign of summer's approach.

WE STILL LIVE IN A WORLD... where not everything is available all at once, every minute of the day, though modern technology might try to tell us otherwise. There are still certain fruits that can be a bit tricky to locate, depending upon the month, and finding particular foods associated with holidays in the local bakeries isn't going to happen, unless that holiday is close at hand. Likewise, some of the thoroughfares wending through high country are not accessible in the wintertime, and for much of the spring, due to the accumulation of snowflakes, as in a whole bunch of snowflakes, making the roads we long to travel impassible. Tioga Road, which ribbons along some of the tippy-top places of the Sierra Nevada (or, yes, close to tippy-top places), is one such famous high-country route, as is Glacier Point Road. Glacier Point, though, traditionally observes an opening date that arrives several weeks ahead of Tioga, and such is the case again, in 2018, for Glacier Point Road opened on the...

FINAL SATURDAY OF APRIL: Alas, though, it looks like an April-into-May storm may briefly shut it again, but its official opening date, April 28, has now come and gone. That means you can toodle on up, in your travel mobile, all to enjoy one of the most iconic and photographed and pined over and dreamed about sights that Yosemite National Park has to offer: That stunning view of Half Dome as seen from Glacier Point. Do check conditions before you head up, up, up, to make sure a spring storm hasn't shuttered the road again, ever so briefly, and don't delay your trip, as Glacier Point Road will again close, in the fall, with past closing dates falling as early as early November. Your details about both Glacier Point and Tioga Roads? Follow the hard-working plows to your happy places, high up in the Sierra, now.

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