Glen Ellen Getaway: Gaige House's Zen Suite

A quiet, garden-close retreat awaits at the Four Sisters inn.

IF IT IS A DAY OF THE WEEK, and you're online, you're probably reading an essay about the benefits of unplugging. And while taking a walk, and placing your phone across the room (if you're checking it five times a minute), and gazing at photos of flowers all can do much on the unplugging front, sometimes physically removing yourself from the plugged-in places is the key. We all have our various plugged-in spots -- home, work, repeat -- but making for some pretty country, and a lovely, calm-bringing inn, can save us from scrolling through unplugging tips, at least for a couple of weeks. Gaige House, from Four Sisters Inns, is a fine unplug-now destination, especially since, on its lovely Glen Ellen property, it happens to have two rooms called the Zen Suites.

SUITE BLISS PACKAGE: A recently introduced package is built around that exact suite, and exactly what so many modern doers seek so often: unplugging, relaxing, unwinding, and disconnecting in order to find connection. The two-night special puts the travelers in one of the Gaige House's Zen Suites, with either a view of the Calabazas Creek or a vision of the property's picturesque garden. While sitting and looking upon either will, fingers crossed, bring out about that sense of unplug-a-tude, there are other ways to achieve it. There's an 80-minutes Couples' Massage that's part of the Suite Bliss, and a chance to taste vinos at Benziger and Imagery wineries, via a VIP voucher. Other tastings await, like a Laurel Glen Library Cabernet and chocolate, plus a tasting at Lasseter Family Winery (and a tour, too). Cookies that have recently been baked, wine receptions (complete with cheese), a pair of plush robes to take home, and nice slippers, too, round out the deluxe and oh-so-luxe-y unplug-now adventure.

COST? The two-nighter at the Glen Ellen getaway kicks off at $1,299, and includes breakfast each morning. You can keep vowing not to look at your phone for the next five minutes, or to read a book a week, but sometimes serious unplugging involves removing yourself from the day-to-day in a major, and majorly reset-minded, way.

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