Go Underground, Starting in April, in Old Sac

It's one of California's most offbeat historically minded tours.

STAYING ABOVE GROUND, when spring break comes into view? It seems like that has long been the thing to do, not only for humans but for, well, everything. Flowers sprout and open and turn their pretty flower faces to the sunshine, and leaves begin to uncurl at the very tips of tree branches. Our pets love being outdoors when spring begins, basking, as they do, in the sunbeams (animals are very good baskers, as a rule, which is something we humans could learn from, with all of our rushing, non-basking ways). But there does come a moment, and there is a place, that is all about going underground, literally, just as spring arrives and the sun turns up its personal thermostat. It's in our state's capital city, in the historic district, and you can accurately guess that the experience will have an educational component, with some humor and a touch of adventuring thrown in. It's the famous...

OLD SACRAMENTO UNDERGROUND TOURS, and the season opens at Old Sacramento on Saturday, April 7 (yep, winter months are a mite too chilly for this sort of subterranean sleuthing). A ticket is $15 for adults, and ten bucks for a kid between the ages of 6 to 17. It all takes about 60 minutes, and you'll saunter around a half mile over all, with several stops to hear about what you're seeing. The tour bills itself as "Jacked Up!," for that's exactly what went down, er, up, when the thoroughfares of Old Sac were raised due to flooding issues (oh yeah, and the area's structures, too). Where to meet? The Sacramento History Museum. Will there be some "uneven surfaces" and "low ceilings"? There will be, indeed, so come expecting some... rustic moments of the ye olde 1860s and 1870s. It's when gold fever reigned and characters aplenty were passing through the colorful quarter. A solid history lesson for the fam, with some offbeat lookie-loo-ing thrown in? You bet. Dig deep, now, for the details.

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