Godwit Days: Arcata Adventure

The marbled godwit, and owls, and a host of winged beauties, are in the spotlight at this week-long festival.

EARTH DAY... can be observed in numerous ways, from pitching in at a park clean-up to joining a bike ride to going to where lots of nature flocks and loving upon it. If communing with our co-earthlings where they live is generally how you like to spend the third week in April, there are a bouquet of ways to to do around California, including what might be the most bird-tastic of the lot, Godwit Days. It alights in tree-packed Humboldt County, so you know the nature-filled possibilities will be rich, and, yes, "alights" was a clue to the festival's theme (as is "godwit,' which should tip off bird buffs). If the notion of making for amazing Arcata for an avian gathering, one that celebrates a host of flying wonders (and not just the lovely marbled godwit) appeals, then flap your own wings and head north from...

APRIL 19 THROUGH APRIL 25: That is a Wednesday to a Tuesday, yes, meaning the 22nd annual Godwit Days is no shortie, be-quick bird bash. You'll have to time to dig into "over 90 tours" including a kayak adventure on Stone Lagoon at Humboldt Lagoons State Park. Called "an important estuary for migrating birds," the "enclosed body of brackish water" is on the area go-to spots for major beak-beautiful action. A bonus? Redwood National Park, which is close to the lagoon, is free over the April 22 and 23 weekend. There are a full caboodle of outings, though, so scrolling through and finding the feathers you hope to see is paramount. Is this how you want to observe Earth Day this year? With those who call the sky home? It's poetic but down-to-earth, all at once, and it is so very Humboldt County. Getting a chance to say hi to the redwoods of the area is a pretty plus, too.

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