Golfing in a Balmy 110 Degrees

One of the world's hottest swingfests will return in June.

COOL GREENS: If you've ever watched a golf tournament on television you know there are a few hallmarks. Oh, we're not talking about the golfers or their caddies or their carts or the crowds. We're talking environs here. Tournaments often take place in cool, green places where magnolia flowers are popping out along the course and a low mist sits in the trees outside the lake. Rarer is the golf tournament that takes place in the middle of Death Valley in the middle of one of the hottest months of the year. How rarer? Well, so rare that there's just one and it has quite the memorable name: Heatstroke. The Furnace Creek Resort introduced the extreme tourney in 2011 and it was just announced that the sweat-and-swing-a-thon'll be back for another round from Friday, June 22 through Sunday, June 24.

LET'S TALK TEMPS: You could luck out and get a pretty temperate day and not feel like you might melt into the course. But let's be honest; Death Valley is not known for its marine layer or its beachy ocean breeze. The average June high is said to hover around 110, meaning you'll want to find some golf togs that have a lot of mesh and breathable fabric going on. The resort had some cheeky things to say about what the 50 golfers who joined in the inaugural year learned (for example, if you aim for the trees you'll have a cooler moment or two when you have to go retrieve your ball). Also? Practice swings and futzing around before getting down to the business of playing are not recommended. Sounds like a hearty, humorous time for people who love the game and don't mind chugging liters of water and slathering on the sunblock every few minutes as they play. Tempted to join in the merry, melty madness? Start here.

LAST FACTOID: The original Furnace Creek course opened in 1931. So not only will you be very hot but you'll be walking historic paths. 

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