Good Times Roll at Nevada City's Mardi Gras

Laissez les bon temps in the sweet Sierra foothills town.

ONE OF THE QUESTIONS... a reveler invariably faces on Mardi Gras doesn't involve King Cake, and whether you'll nab the slice with the plastic baby or charm, nor does the question address just how much purple, yellow, and green you should incorporate into your outfit (the answer is ALL the purple, yellow, and green, of course). Nope, a main question revolves around beads, and it is this: Do you prefer to enter a Mardi Gras festivity already be-beaded, or do you like to catch every last strand you wear, all to feel like you "earned" your sparkle? Some people like to show with several strands, some get theirs at the parade, but however you do it, the focus is on departing the party looking as shiny and bead-beautiful as possible. It's a question you can ponder as you drive to Nevada City, which is famously the home of a big Mardi Gras parade each and every year. That parade is set to dance down Broad Street on...

SUNDAY, FEB. 18, 2018: It's the 26th annual Mardi Gras Parade & Street Faire, and while the faire'll run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., if you want to see the parade, and maybe catch some beads, make sure you've got some curb by 2 or so, or well before 2, more accurately. It's a colorful procession, complete with floats, royalty, and a Grand Marshal, and that is all takes place in the spirited Sierra foothills town ups the charm factor by a bunch. This is the same town that puts on Victorian Christmas, and other alfresco happenings of a funky and relaxed nature, so, yeah, it does Fat Tuesday right, with some small-town-y sweetness thrown in, too. Let the good times roll, in a festival-loving town that's not close to New Orleans but does get the glee needed to throw a merry Mardi Gras.

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