Gourmet Patty Deals Rule Santa Cruz Burger Week

Find a great patty for $7 or $10, through Tuesday, Feb. 27.


JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT, with some dismay, that the specialty Restaurant Weeks had ended, because California Restaurant Week ended at the close of July, along comes some sizzle and some bun-tastic bread and some toppings like tomatoes and pickles and some real deals, too. It's Santa Cruz Burger Week, and like Comfort Food Week in Concord, and Cheeseburger Week in Pasadena, it has a very specific and savory theme, as compared to more generalized Restaurant Weeks, which still dominate the calendar. Where, though, will a burgerist find such bun-encased wonders, and how much shall be paid for these notable noshables, a valid question as Restaurant Weeks generally deliver the good deals? And how long is on through, is probably the ultimate question? You'll want to do your burger-based adventure before...

TUESDAY, FEB. 27, when the whole cheese-melted shebang wraps. The burger specials will be $7 or $10, and nope, neither tax nor your tip is included in that amount, so take that into consideration. The eateries include Betty Burger (try the Lil' Shroomie for $7), Michael's on Main (the loaded-high Americana Burger is $10), and Sid's Smokehouse, where the Holy Cow, an "Angus patty topped with smoked brisket," is priced for a tenner. So many of the choices during Santa Cruz Burger Week are fanciful and not run-of-the-mill-y, as burgers go, so if you like quirkier toppings, interesting patty choices, and buns that aren't merely just holding the everything together without being asked to do more in the flavor department, gaze upon your gourmet, deal-good burger choices now.

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