Gravenstein Apple Fair: Bite into an Early Deal

If you're in the Sonoma County area, starting in June, best land on a discounted ticket (if you dig this August-fun fair).

TURN TO THE SEPTEMBER PAGE... in any wall calendar, and you're bound to see some classic imagery. Autumn leaves might give the calendar page some color, or back-to-school items such as books or desks, and apples? They're a September staple, when it comes to those photographs that seem to instantly capture what the month is all about. But, of course, applests, or applens, or apple aficionados, if you prefer, know that apple-based attention doesn't begin in the ninth month. Rather, one of the loveliest apple festivities around arrives in August, and in the first half of the month, too. And finding a discount ticket to that core-tastic convention? Well, you can actually begin your apple obsession even earlier in the calendar, in June, for that's when discount tickets become available to the...

GRAVENSTEIN APPLE FAIR: The sweet slice of Sonoma County conviviality flowers with all of the charm of an apple blossom on Aug. 11 and 12 in 2018, which means you'll want to be in Sebastopol over that weekend if you want to revel in all things apple. And we do mean "all things," for the apple-y treats are plentiful, the arts & crafts are both apple-centered and not, there's a Chef's Tent, and, you bet, delicious cider, too. It's the 45th annual fair, so you can bet this is a tradition for lots of SoCo families and those apple-fancying folks who come from points far further. A ticket at the gate? It's $15, but if you buy in advance, it's $12. What's the deal on the deal? It begins in June, and tickets will be available at a few places in and around Sebastopol and the surrounding areas. Those places, and all of the details? Crunch on this.

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