Hakone: Final Centennial Exhibit

Take a memory- and photo-filled trip back into the Saratoga landmark's lovely days of yore.

A CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION... isn't just confined to the calendar year in which the 100th anniversary takes place. The revelry can last longer, especially when the stewards of a special spot want to properly and fully pay homage to a place that's both historical and treasured by many. Hakone Estate and Gardens is one such location, and its lovely and serene nature has long been a Saratoga must-do for people looking for some quiet reflection among the wisteria flowers, bridges, and ponds. The lush destination, one of the best examples of traditional Japanese landscaping in North America, is enjoying its centennial, a three-year affair which is showing signs of coming to a conclusion. Look to the final exhibit of the centennial, which just opened, and is...

NOW ON VIEW: The name, "Hakone, from Private Estate to Public Garden," spotlights "...the story of the last owners of Hakone, a partnership of six couples who owned Hakone from 1961-1966, operating it as a private retreat while stewarding its preservation." The story of the saving of the shrub-laden landmark, and how it became the treasure it is today, is reflected in the exhibit, which includes photographs, memorabilia, and more items that tell the tale. To see it, simply pay admission to Hakone — it's ten dollars — and then go back, in time, to the '60s and a monumental moment for the garden.

SUMMER HAPPENINGS: There are other to-dos on the Hakone calendar, including special tea ceremonies, so peruse all before making your way to Saratoga's celebrated space of serenity and nature.

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