Happy International Dark Sky Week

Savor life after sundown.

MANY CELEBRATIONS, as wonderful and lively and meaningful and moment-adorned as they are, are just passing through the annual calendar. No sadness, no tears, no sighs: The occasion will be back, in another 364 days, or 51 weeks, and the fun can start all over again. But the magical (but science-based, of course) fact about International Dark Sky Week, which returns each spring, is this: The night sky, which the week celebrates, doesn't roll up and get stowed in storage for another year after the observance wraps. There are still nights, spoiler alert, at the end of each and every day, and if you didn't get your fill during the multi-day spring festivity, you can find your dark sky wonder, well, on any evening of the year. True, you'll want to find the darkest sky you can, which may mean moving away from the lights that illuminate your neck of the woods, er, city, but that can be done. And consider that California is lush with lovely, low-lit...

NATIONAL AND STATE PARKS, which are astounding places for communing with the cosmos after the sun says farewell each day. Want to commune with the cosmos among other people who love astronomy, the universe, and being in nature? International Dark Sky Week is on now, through April 21, 2018, but the Dark Sky Festivals that pop up in some of our largest national parks are set for summertime, like the one headed for Lassen Volcanic National Park over the first Friday and Saturday of August 2018. To find out more about the mission behind International Dark Sky Week, start here, and to discover ways to mark the luminescent, see-the-stars moment, visit this page.

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