Healdsburg Ambrosial: Rose Garden Time

The Russian River Valley destination will be abloom this April and May.

Russian River Rose Company

PEEK OVER THE HEDGE... that runs alongside your neighbor's garden, or glance into a courtyard at your workplace or university, and you're bound to see one of the marvelous sights of late March and early April: Roses unfolding in all of their fragrant, showy, fancy-fabulous glory. Of course, when a particular bud'll do the opening-up thing depends on many factors, including place, soil, weather, and such, but you can count on April to be fairly astounding when it comes to this, the most famous of flowers. (An opinion, true, but we're taking all of those sonnets and poems and book covers into consideration.) But if peeking over hedges into gardens and passing through courtyards next to your office aren't quite delivering that rosy thrill you seek, well, seek a spot in Healdsburg, one that comes into its perfume-perfect prime when month #4 opens its doors. It's the...

RUSSIAN RIVER ROSE COMPANY, which shall welcome rose-adoring aficionados on every Saturday and Sunday in April and May. As is tradition at the colorful, bucolic plot, each weekend has its own zingy thing, from an iris focus on April 8 and 9 to a Mother's Day Weekend on May 13 and 14. The popular Perfume Rose Harvest Tours will soon start up, and the company will keep the frolicsome 'n flowery spirit aloft all the way through the warmer months and into the fall, where the schedule shortens a bit. The nursery marked its 25th anniversary a couple of years back, meaning a lot of happy noses have gently sniffed in the vicinity of thousands of exquisite, tenderly grown roses. If rose water, rose hues, and rose everything makes your own spirit bloom, spending an hour among the blossoms, rather than just peeking over hedges, is clearly in order this spring.

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