Hikers Welcome at the Ski Hut

Take a rare chance to hike into a normally snowy setting.


SKI STROLL: Every downside has an upside, Mom would always say (if your own mom didn't say that particular phrase, we'll bet she had her own spin on the theme). No snow in a a popular spot is a big downside for people who have their skis strapped to the top of the wagon and their mittens packed. But the positive part of that? Sometimes a new and rare activity springs from the springlike weather. Take the Ski Hut at Glacier Point in Yosemite. The name is kind of a giveaway -- it is a hut for skiers. But when snow is lacking, does it become the "No Ski Hut"? Well, not quite, but it does welcome hikers who want to take in the sweeping vista-type grandeur, including an ultimate view of Half Dome.

HIKERS WELCOME: Yosemite just announced that non-skiers -- or skiers just interested in doing something a bit dif -- should get on this uncommon, oh-so-never-happens chance to hoof it up to the Ski Hut. "Some spots to stay overnight" are still available at the popular winter destination. Sunrise-watching is recommended, as are a few stargazing nights. The special star-watch nights are only happening over a few January Saturdays, so you'll want to do a bit of research before heading to the park; sunrises, of course, happen daily -- that doesn't require a spoiler alert, right?

THREE MORE THINGS: One, it'll be chilly, despite the cold white stuff. Two, we kind of can't get over the photo above, in a good way. As hotel views go, it's at the far-end of mind-blowing spectacularness, right? And three? "Hut" deserves a branding renaissance. It came into vogue back in the '70s and deserves another look. It's short, to the point, denotes a cozy getaway, and is fun to say. We're done now. Thank you.

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