Historic Holiday in Monterey’s Adobes

Celebrate "Christmas in the Adobes" around the ocean-close burg.

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SHIPS IN THE MIST: Many a tale told close to shore has centered around those ghost-like galleons that sit a nautical mile or so out at sea. Some landlubbers may even imagine that they see these ships on especially foggy nights, or hear a horn, or another tell that reveals a boat from another century is dropping anchor out in the night. Surely fans of such tales must occasionally wish that they, too, could board such a boat now and then, not simply to enter a tale but truly visit a time gone by. Such portals to other centuries don't exist, as far as we know, but other real-world ones absolutely do, and a few sit near the water, on the land end of things. One such historic portal opens up each December, inviting visitors to call upon some of Monterey's most famous structures, the sort of structures that have seen generations of Californians live and work within their hallowed walls. They're the earthen-and-beam buildings of the old city, and they say hello to guests each year during...

CHRISTMAS IN THE ADOBES: Ah yes, there's a sweet yuletide-y sheen to the historic evening out, one that includes trees and firs and songs and the feel of festiveness from decades long before our own. The 2016 dates are Friday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, Dec. 10, and a host of historic figures, in authentic dress, will greet visitors as they call upon the Custom House, Casa del Oro, the Whaling Station, First Brick House, House of Four Winds, and several other regional treasures. Dance lessons will pop up along the way, and bagpipe playing, and, of course, seasonal sweets to snack upon. It will be like a trip back to 19th-century Monterey, without the dramatics of needing a time-traveling galleon waiting for you out at the dock. You'll simply need to purchase a ticket, find your favorite shawl or vest or pocket-watch (or simply something warm and casual to wear), and stroll through another Monterey. It's a Monterey that's always accessible, of course, via museums and historic home visits and civic events, but ye olde Monterey truly becomes known to all during this spirited annual to-do.

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