Historical Adventure: Friends of Bodie Day

Peek in windows, stroll storied streets, and discover old tales at the Mono County ghost town.

AFTER THE SNOW: You may follow a dozen favorite places in your various feeds, or a hundred, or close to a thousand, but regardless of how full your scroll-by gets, you likely remembered seeing photographs of Bodie over this last winter. That's because the beautifully preserved ghost town, which sits in a remote part (though not too remote) of Mono County, received a prodigious amount of snowfall. It was the kind of snow that sent drifts up to windows, and beyond windows, in the small 19th-century structures that have dotted the historical site since the 1870s. And you may have had a brief thought, that so much snow would never quite melt, and you'd be tromping through it during your summer visit. Take heart, dear Bodie buffs: Summer is in sunshiny swing at Bodie State Historic Park, and the special events that supporters of the landmark known and love to attend are on the fast-approaching horizon, including...

FRIENDS OF BODIE DAY: It's a celebration of this special spot, an authentic slice of California's mining past, and the Saturday, Aug. 12 to-do will include both living history presentations and tours, too. And if you're a member of Friends of Bodie? There's a cemetery tour when the sun begins to sink down, and a dinner, too. The 30th Anniversary festivity will remember the life of W.H. Bodey, so here's your chance to brush up on your knowledge of the area, widely believed to be one of the world's great ghost towns, over the course of the event. Getting the info before you make for Mono County? Turn your pony and clip-clop in this direction.

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