Historical Fire Trucks: Ride in Sacramento

An exhibit at the California Automobile Museum gives fans a unique, ride-along chance.

GENERALLY, WITH MUSEUM EXHIBITS, there's a very wise "look, appreciate, but don't touch" policy. This straightforward request helps the items on display stay pristine, but it can sometimes be a mite frustrating if you want to interact with what you're seeing. Fans of historical fire trucks, though, will not feel that frustration on Saturday, May 6 should they call upon the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. There happens to be an exhibit on now called "To the Rescue," and as the name suggests fire trucks are the stars. But a special party on the first Saturday in May will expand upon the noble theme of public service while giving those interested in actually riding in a decades-old fire truck that rare chance. It's a...

30-YEAR CELEBRATION... for the auto-packed institution, and on-the-ground to-dos will abound. The fire truck rides will be a big draw, and given that they're free, you'll want to arrive early. (Though do note a $5 donation is welcome.) Admission to the museum is ten bucks for grown-ups, $9 for visitors 65+, and five for kids. As for the eras of the fire trucks that'll be giving you a lift? Think 1920s through '60s. As for noshables that lend some festive feeling to the day? Well, this is a birthday party, after all, so there shall be ice cream for the low-low-low price of 30 cents. As for the "To the Rescue" exhibit? That's on through May 29, but you can take a peek from afar right here.

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