Holidays Along the Sonoma County Farm Trails

A number of area farms will have special eats, cider, and behind-the-scenes peeks.

Sonoma Farm Trails

A DAYTRIP FILLED WITH DELIGHT: One glance around a fully decorated home or hotel lobby or other place of business tells an interesting tale regarding where we find our seasonal inspirations. For those pretty ornaments on the tree? They're often pine cones, or tiny ceramic birds, or squirrels made of felt, or other straight-from-the-forest critters or flora. And the centerpiece on the dining room table? There are berries, and twigs, and boughs, and lots of winter flowers, too. In short? Many of our decorative inspirations at the end of the year come straight from nature, and it is with nature that we connect again when the hubbub of the holidays gets to be just a tad too much. There's a way, beyond your pine cone ornaments and berry-filled centerpieces, to find that slow-it-down connection to animals and the rhythms of nature, and it is happening around Sonoma County through New Year's Day. It's the...

HOLIDAYS ALONG THE SONOMA COUNTY FARM TRAILS, and fans of "artisanal food, wine, beer, and cider" will find good things to try along the pretty byways of the region. Shopping for "handmade and home-grown items"? That's part of the multi-week to-do, too, as well as a chance to create the gifts you want to give. You can meet farmers, and perhaps admire a sweet animal or two, and get to know what life is like raising pigs or keeping bees or growing lavender or apples or Christmas trees. The cost? You'll find plenty of free activities and stop-bys, but you'll want to RSVP to let the people along the trails know you're coming. And the nicest part? "Your attendance will directly support our community and contribute to tangible wildfire relief efforts at participating destinations. #SonomaStrong #FarmStrong," reveals the organizers behind the nature-lovely, farm-to-heart happening. 

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