Homesteading Weekend

Love Apple Farms explores the kitchen and garden arts over two days.

Asa Mathat

CANNING TO PICKLING: The homesteading movement continues to grow by leaps and leafy bounds in our urban and not-so-urban environments, though lifelong devotees of making, doing, and growing would point out the concept never went away. Still, more people are turning toward canning their own vegetables and pickling their own fruits and nurturing their own plants and brewing their own beers and making more things they need around the house, such as soaps and bedding. Bucolic blissland Love Apple Farms, situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains, recognizes that a lot of people are turning to themselves and their own hands and wits when it comes to providing what they need in their domestic setting. With that in mind, the farms is hosting its first-ever Homesteading Workshop Weekend on Saturday, Sept. 1 and Sunday, Sept. 2.

ON THE DYI ROSTER: We mentioned canning and pickling first, because we do believe that everyone longs to possess the talent that came so naturally to their grandmother or great-grandmother. But there are many workshops on a number of topics devoted to both kitchen and garden, including beer-making, bee-keeping, storytelling quilts, pressure cooking, edible flowers, and the other homesteading bullet points. People who sign up for the workshops will also "have the opportunity to camp on our farm in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains," so consider that option if you like to set up tent and you want to stay for both days. A single-day ticket is $45, and camping is extra. There are a few to-knows with this one, so read all before making for the mountains, modern homesteader.

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