Horsetail Photography: Yosemite Course

Burnish your skills, then snap the spectacular seasonal sight, in the national park.

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SO YOU'VE CAPTURED HALF DOME... at sunrise, and sunset, and high noon, too. You've taken the time to photograph Tuolumne Meadow in all of its majesty, in all of the seasons. And Glacier Point? That, too, has been a longtime go-to subject of yours. But if you haven't yet turned your lens upon Horsetail Fall in late February, but you've been hoping to do so one of these years, your time has arrived. That is, if you're up for a chance to "(s)harpen your camera skills in Yosemite Valley" over not just one day but a few. For the Yosemite Photography: Horsetail Fall & Winter Landscape course will roll out over a few February days, giving participants not only the chance to spend some quality hours learning from nature photographer John Senser, but the opportunity to put that learning into lovely practice. An...

EVENING SESSION... kicks off the Feb. 21 through 24, 2017 Yosemite Conservancy event, which includes "three full days of guided outdoor photography workshops in Yosemite Valley." You'll camp, too, at Upper Pines Campground, so keep in mind you'll want to consider some warm duds (and your own camera). For the full list of need-to-brings, click. As for heading into this immersive shutterbug experience as an expert? You don't need to be, at all. In fact, all skill levels are welcome, and the hiking is deemed "Easy," though keep in mind you might be trudging through snow and wintry conditions. Above all, will you finally snap the glowful Horsetail Fall during its sunlit February show? It's one of the fantastical phenomena found in a fantastical place. To burnish your snapshot skills at the same time Horsetail is set to put on its spectacular show is flat-out neato, and utterly memorable, both. Prices and all the in-the-snow to-knows? Over here, shutterbugs.

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