Inn Town Campground's Victorian Christmas Special

Stay at the woodsy, close-to-Nevada-City spot and save on select December nights.

A CLASSIC VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS? Revelers had a way of bringing a lot of the outdoors inside, from the quintessential tree to the sweet-smelling boughs filling the home to various berries and branches, which served as understated decor. Nuts were eaten and displayed in bowls, too, while any flowers that might be growing in the late fall and beginning of winter showed up in pretty vases. And any modern observance of a Victorian Christmas is going to pay a bit of heed to that tradition, forgoing the LED lights and whiz-bang tech for touches that hail from the outdoors. And one of California's best-known vintage-themed celebrations does occur outdoors, under the sky, each and every year in Nevada City for the last four decades. It's Victorian Christmas, a lively street fair full of vendors and carols and roasting chestnuts, and, as is tradition, it happens on a number of select Wednesdays and Sundays during December. If you're planning on calling upon the fair, and you still long for that natural element of an old-fashioned Christmas, consider camping, or staying in a gussied-up trailer at the...

INN TOWN CAMPGROUND: The not-far-from-downtown spot, which is overseen by the people who helm the beloved Outside Inn, is set among the trees, giving it a fresh and unfussy feel. Also fresh? That the Inn Town Campground is offering a discount on any night that Victorian Christmas is happening. You'll score 20% off, which is sweet, on those Sundays and Wednesdays that the Broad-based bash is going on. Need more info, and want to see cute photos of the campsites, trailers, on-site kitchen, and other amenities of the glamp-tastic getaway? This is a mighty excellent starting point. 

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