It's a Do-It-Yourself Craft Faire at Carmel Valley Ranch

Roll a beeswax candle, create your own bath salts, and savor the creativity of this holidaytime fun-maker.

RESORT-BASED ACTIVITIES? They can be plentiful, depending upon the property. You might join an exercise class in the pool, or attend a pop-up cooking demo, led by the head chef, or perhaps take a history tour, one that highlights great moments from the hotel's past. But the chance to roll a beeswax candle? Or create your own fragrant bath salts? Or fashion your own whimsical charms, the kind that let people know which wine glass belongs to them? These are not your everyday hotel-type events. But then, Carmel Valley Ranch isn't your everyday-type hotel. It's a place that is known for its rustic charms, such as its lavender gardens and bee-keeping area. These features inspire a number of spring and summer to-dos at the picturesque place, learning and doing events, so you could say the ranch is an old hand at staging an engaging, get-engaged happening. And the...

DO-IT-YOURSELF HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIRE, which will take place on the day after Thanksgiving 2019, is just that sort of get-engaged, super-engaging engagement we're talking about. There'll be a host of hands-on craft-making opportunities during the afternoon-long affair, which means that, yes, you can create wine charms, or make a beeswax candle (rolled, natch), or learn how to dip "marble" ceramics, or create a soap made from goat's milk. Could these goodies be for someone you love, a sweet holiday treat? For sure, or you might make something you intend to keep for yourself. Either way, it is all good, and made even more marvelous by the fact that you're at Carmel Valley Ranch while crafting. 

ADMISSION? It's fifteen bucks for an adult, a bit less for kids, and if you want to engage in a craft, that's $20 (per craft, do note). Something sweet for the season? You'll nab a raffle ticket with your admission, meaning you'll be entered to win a night at Carmel Valley Ranch. For more on this offbeat opportunity at the DIY-loving destination, click.

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