Jest Have Fun at San Jose Ren Faire

The San Jose Renaissance Faire & Fantasy Fest will raise the merry roof for two joust-tastic days.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO DON PANTALOONS? It's so sadly rare. We mean, pantalooning yourself right up, or donning a fabulous lacy ruff, or wriggling into a killer farthingale can be done at any time, on any day of the week, by any person who is feeling it. But rocking a hoop skirt in line at the bank, or stockings and a doublet in the self-checkout at the grocery store, hasn't yet become entirely vogue. While we await that much-anticipated moment, there are ye olden times to-dos out there, the sort of weekend-big affairs that bring out the coolest costumes, merriest jests, and most riveting jousts. And such an affair is galloping into...

DISCOVERY MEADOW PARK... in San Jose on Saturday, Aug. 4 and Sunday, Aug. 5. It's the San Jose Renaissance Faire & Fantasy Fest, and it brings out hundreds of actors in their way-back finery. Shall there be joust action to behold? Behold it, you shall, if you're there. Will there be royal sightings? Queen Elizabeth I has a way of regally popping up during the proceedings. Will "three stages of continuous entertainment" make you chortle and sway, thanks to the wide assortment of ren-type jokes, songs, and presentations? Hold your sides, for there shall be smiles aplenty.

YOUR TICKET... to this knightly daytime fun time is $16, if you're a grown-up, while kids ages 13-17, seniors, and military members enter for 11 (kids from 6 to 12 are $8, and kids under age 6 may join for free). Do you need to wear your clankiest, shiniest, rockingest knight armor? Well, if you don't show it off there, where will you? The library? Work? (Okay, that would be mighty cool, too). Revel on, past-timers, over the first weekend of August at Discovery Meadow Park.

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