Kings Mountain Art Fair

Kings Mountain Art Fair

TWIST OUR ARM: Wait. Don't. If anything is happening adjacent to a redwood, we're there. We'd watch ice cream freezing. We'd show up for a shoe-tying contest. An. Y. Thing. But when something happens to be redwood-adjacent -- sorry, make that multiple redwoods -- and it involves art, and community, and raising money for a fire brigade, and sweet touches like kidly face-painting and the eating of fun foods, well. We're probably already there. That's how excited we are. No joke. Which means that we're already at the Kings Mountain Art Fair, at least in our mind. It's happening over Labor Day Weekend, so Sept. 3 through 5 are the dates.

WHAT'S FREE: Admission and parking (a rare two-fer, that, so we had to mention). There won't be a band, like many art fairs, but the organizers instead invite attendees to enjoy "the sounds of the forest." Oh sweetness. Again. Already there in our minds. All sorts of talented people will be selling what they make. And we mentioned there will be raising money for the Kings Mountain Fire Brigade, but other groups will also benefit. This is all happening near Menlo Park, in Woodside, which is a name that also makes us happy. Redwoods in Woodside, art and a long weekend. Yep. Already there.

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