Kite Magic Flutters Above Morro Bay

It's a spectacular, look-up, feel-nice celebration with photo opps aplenty.

APRIL SHOWERS AND MAY FLOWERS... get a lot of rhyme-based play in the songs of our youths, but few memorable ditties take on the fact that springtime is super-big on the breeze. So big, in fact, that a number of kite-based bashes pop up throughout the season, making the most of all of those lightly gusty flows, the kind of winds that help to lift a piece of nylon up, up, up near the clouds. Of course, you can head to a park with a kite, be it store-bought or crafted at home, at any point of any season, but visiting one of spring's biggest string flings has to be high on the list of kite people. As high as, yes, a kite might fly? We'll leave to you to decide, but such a celebrated string fling is coming up, at the end of April 2019, in beautiful...

MORRO BAY: "Soar into Morro Bay" is the happy to call to action at the Morro Bay Kite Festival, and the days you'll want to prep your own high-flyer for (if you'll indeed be flying while there)? April 26 through 28 is the weekend with lots of lift. The schedule is up, with an afternoon demo taking place on Friday afternoon, a chance to see demonstrations built around large aquatic kites and small kites on Saturday and Sunday, and things perfect for the tots (oh yes, Mary Poppins and Bert'll be out and about). The admission is free, as is parking, so you'll just need to ponder your kite, or whether you'll spend some time around the Central Coast hamlet. But,

SURELY YOU WILL, since late April is a magical moment that takes up the slimmest sliver of the calendar? And that slimmest sliver is primo time for string-pulling pursuits? Surely. Start here for the schedule, the scene, and that Morro Bay brand o' spring-sweet bliss.

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