Kites to Breeze Near Morro Rock

Colorful zig-zaggers will reach for the sky in the spectacular Central Coast location.

THAT BEAUTIFUL BACKDROP: It's hard to do better, backdrop-wise, than the sky. It's blue-pink-white cloud-fluffiness has been well-painted and oft-photographed, but only the sky itself will do in some specific instances. Lining up a wedding party snapshot? A sunset makes a stunning backer. Photographing roses from below? Again, the sky will serve you well. Flying a kite? The azure-awesomeness of the bowl above us really can make the color of your twirler pop. There is an exception to this, or perhaps a complement, and it comes in the form of a very large, very ancient volcanic plug that sits along the Central Coast.

IT'S MORRO ROCK... we speak of, quite on-the-nose-ly, and it, like the sky, can make for a marvelous natural backdrop, especially where kite-flying is concerned (though wedding photos, and flowers, also pair well with it, too). And photographers, and kite aficionados, and people who simply like soaking in some Pacific-close breezery will be out in kite string-rocking force on Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24 when the free...

MORRO BAY KITE FESTIVAL... darts back onto "the beach just north of Morro Rock." There are a few activities dotting both days, but the "(h)ow many kites can we get in the sky" part arrives at 11 in the morning on Saturday. Homemade kites, rib-eating, and sandcastle building are also part of the rock-adjacent merrymaking. Oh, and as for good backdrops for your kite? Morro Rock is spectacular, as is the sky, but we'll add the ocean, too, to that list. There aren't many bad photos to take with a kite, but if you get all three of those things in the background -- sky, rock, water -- then you've got yourself a stellar snap.

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