Know Highway 1? Show Off (and Maybe Win)

A Lonely Planet contest is looking for your very best pin.

WE OWN IT: If you were to visualize how you typically describe road trip or weekend suggestions to an inquiring friend, a friend who has plans to visit an area you know very well, how do you imagine yourself conveying the helpful information and local facts that they seek? Do you see yourself lifting a cup of tea that's randomly materialized before you, with your pinky out, as you politely talk about regional museums and historic figures and annual events? Of course you don't. There's no phantom tea cup, there's no raised pinky, there's only you doing your darndest not to flail your arms and rave, in all capital letters, about a place you know so well and love so much you practically own it. (Please, we've all had those acquaintances who act as if they've discovered this one village or that one resort or lake. We might on occasion be those people, honestly.)

TRUTH TIME: Do you feel that way about Highway 1? Don't blush, because many people are Highway 1 practically-owners. It's a positive way to be about a place, because it means many a visitor cares madly for the historic stretch. If you happen to know one of the highway's very best places -- a restaurant, a park, an overlook, a funky stop -- then here's where your rubber meets the road, or, rather, your knowledge meets a great travel contest. Lonely Planet wants to know your best Highway 1 pick.

HERE'S WHAT TO DO: Pin a photo of it, on Pinterest, before June 30th, and hashtag it the heck out with #lproadtrip. "Lonely Planet will select monthly winners and from these pins and award them with the complete Best Trips series." Oh yeah -- a travel-themed guidebook-y prize is for grabs. That works. There are a few more roadtrips across the country that are part of the "What's Your Detour?" contest, so take a look at all. But if you have a Highway 1 pin that's nice and beachy or ottery or butterfly-y or redwoodian, get pinning, pinner.

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