Lake Tahoe Dance Festival

Applaud leaps and twirls in a mountain-pretty setting.

KICKING UP ONE'S HEELS... at a high altitude is a long-standing practice, from wedding dances inside mountaintop lodges to arms-spread-wide twirls in flower-sweet meadows (don't claim you've never tried it if you've seen "The Sound of Music"). But enjoying a dance performance and enjoying a peak-laden vista or lake-lovely scene isn't usually something that can happen concurrently. Rather, we go to an enclosed venue, with rows of chairs and a stage, to see ballet, and we truck up the highway to enjoy some cooler, fir-fabulous temperatures. But the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival weaves both joys, dancing and mountains, into one celebratory three-day span each summer. That span is set for Wednesday, July 27 through Friday, July 29, and if you make for the Gatekeeper's Museum in Tahoe City, you just might feel the magic that is movement and the magic of the mountain ranges in one fantastic fell swoop. For the festival is...

"PERFORMED ON AN OUTDOOR STAGE... against a backdrop of lake and mountain views," views that will complement the pieces from "Swan Lake" and "Agathlon." There are four presentations in all, from several acclaimed dancers, and other doings will orbit the elegant dance (think a trunk show, silent auction, and artist talks). If Tahoe is your happy place, and ballet helps you to find bliss, this is a rewarding combination of the two, and one that takes art-lovely advantage of the fine late-July weather. Few twirls happen outdoors, near the mountains, but they do at the Lake Tahoe Dance Festival, a moving meeting of alpine-nice nature and stories told in motion.

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