Lake Tahoe: Hotel Becket Deal

The recently debuted Joie de Vivre property has a "sweater weather" offer on through the middle of April.

WHEN YOU THINK OF MID-APRIL, a few different things likely spring to mind. You might imagine searching for brightly hued eggs in a backyard, or finishing up your taxes, or watering your crocuses, or thinking about what sorts of summer road trips you'd like to take. But no matter what you do, and where you are around the Golden State, you're likely pondering stowing your sweaters, at least the heavier knits. For that's when sweater weather truly starts to make its final bow for another winter, even though winter is officially a month over by then. If you do dig cardigans, though, and scarves, and mittens, and the ski scene, there's a way to get your sweater-action on before those crocuses bloom: The newest Joie de Vivre property, Hotel Becket, is offering a special through the middle of April 2017. The code? That's a snap. It's...

SWEATER: That's right. Just use "SWEATER" and snag a third night when you buy two nights, with a start price of $238. The recently renovated hotel actually combines a pair of existing properties, Park Tahoe Inn and 968 Park Tahoe, and can be found oh-so-adjacent to Heavenly Mountain Resort and a short drive from the lake. So if you need your late-winter lake communing — the water truly seems to be at its most mercurial and magnificent as slightly warmer days arrive — and you need your time on the slopes, Hotel Becket could be your optimal locale. To check out the rooms, dining, and the SWEATER special, click. But don't pack those sweaters yet: The ski-strong region has received well over 300 inches of snow over the 2016-2017 season, with more to come.

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