Lavender Is the Star at This Carmel Valley Ranch Fest

Spend the final Saturday in July larking about at this fragrant festivity.

HIGH SUMMER, as a distinct and easily defineable time of year, happens around the middle of summer, which, with any calendar, is a snap to circle. And yet the spirit of high summer? As in, finding and embracing its full and warm and happy joy? That can really happen at any moment of the season, whether it occurs at the exact middle point or not. And the spirit of high summer will find its sun-bright way to Carmel Valley Ranch as July 2019 winds down, just in time to fête the blooming of some 7,000-plus purple plants. Those plants? They'd be lavender, of course, the lavishly aromatic herb that is synonymous with the expansive property, in many visitors' minds. If you've found high summer-style sweetness in a lavender-themed visit before, be sure to buzz by on...

SATURDAY, JULY 27... when the annual Lavender Harvest Festival comes into full and photo-ready bloom. It's a day of admiring the beauty, and sheer purple-o-sity, of this lovely, lav-y sight, but also of interesting and flavorful to-dos, too, like the enjoying of drinks and eats based around this blossoming beauty. Some of the tempting selections? Lavender shortbread cookies, frozen honey lavender lemonade, and other gourmet-good choices abound. There'll be demos of the harvesting variety, too, if you'd like to know more about the topic, and "meet-and-greets with Ranch Artisans." Be sure to try some...

GOAT CHEESES, too, while you're at the afternoon affair, a salt tasting, too, and jump into a lawn game. As always, bee knowledge will be abuzz. It's $95, and you can find out more on attending this high-summer-y gem of a lav-it-up fest now.

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