Leg It to Gold Country for a Tarantula Fest

The spider-tacular'll include all sorts of tarantula-terrific to-dos.

EVER BEEN TO AN ANIMAL EVENT? The sort of sweet happening that shines a spotlight on a particular critter, and that critter's amazing way of doing life? Then you know that, on occasion, you're invited to show at the gathering with your pup in tow, or your hamster, or your favorite feathery friend. But as far as inviting your favorite tarantula along for the annual Coarsegold Tarantula Awareness Festival? Well, best leave your bestie at home to rest and relax in the habitat she knows, while you road-trip it...

STRAIGHT TO GOLD COUNTRY, and this lively celebration of the noble and fascinating creepy-crawler. But there's not much that's creepy about the tarantula, truth be told, and this festival helps to dispel a lot of rumors surrounding this sizable spider. Exhibit A? There's an informative arachnidan presentation, for those who want to bone-up on their eight-legged facts. After you've soaked up all of the arachnid-based knowledge, you may want to participate in the infamous...

HAIRY LEG CONTEST, which is for the humans, or by joining a scream-off. Will there be tarantula races? For sure, and a Live Tarantula Derby, too, the exciting cap to the party. A poetry contest, a pumpkin dessert contest, and other happenings that rock the flavor of fall are also on the schedule. And that schedule? It will scurry-hurry, like a tarantula so memorably does as it crosses a stretch of ground, on Saturday, Oct. 26. Admission is free, and you'll likely meet other tarantula enthusiasts, too, making this a day where you just might expand your social web. 

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