Lift Off at Temecula's Big Balloon Bash

Ethereal envelopes will fly while, down on the ground, great vino'll fill glasses.

"LIFTOFF"... is a term we associate with zooming into space, via a rocket or cosmos-traveling ship, the sort of wondrous vehicle that can whisk earthlings into the stars, or at least closer to the stars, by a little bit. But what if the act of lifting off could also be applied to sailing above a picturesque vineyard while standing under a colorful and large envelope, while also standing inside a wicker-cool basket? That feels like it has plenty of lift-off style spirit, too, even if it doesn't involve rocket power. It does, however, possess a sprinkling of cosmic magic, the act of hot-air ballooning, especially when it takes place at a large-scale wine festival. If you're ready for this particular style of lift off, then lift off first for Temecula Valley, as May 2019 ends and June begins, for the 36th Annual...

TEMECULA VALLEY BALLOON & WINE FESTIVAL: This is the three-day party that has loads of live music, too, and plentiful gourmet eats, in addition to all of those balloon-beautiful events and wine-sipping opportunities. Some highlights coming right up? The Sunrise Morning Balloon Launches, which means, yep, you'll need to be up with the dawn (flights are $225 per person). You can go for a tethered ride, if that's more your vibe, or simply show for one of the beloved balloon glows, which is when all of those eye-popping envelopes go for a pretty brightness (but stay on the ground). There shall be loads of entertainment choices, too, to be entertained by, so check out the concert line-up, which includes...

3 DOORS DOWN, DISHWALLA, and a host of other genre-spanning acts. Looking for entertainment of the non-tuneful variety? Wine Barrel Racing is always amazing. Seeking to sip? That, of course, is at the heart of this wine country festival, so prepare to peruse the flavorful concoctions of regional wineries like Monte De Oro Winery & Vineyards and Wiens Family Cellars. Are you more of appreciative of a solid brew? You'll be in luck. Just want to nosh? There'll be food vendors aplenty, though the chance to jump into a wine & food pairing event does tempt. Also tempting?

ACHIEVING LIFTOFF, for a day or two, at this biggie of a ballooning-meets-wining festival. Whether you even go up in a balloon almost matters not; the mere act of attending the fest, tasting fabulous wine, and spending some outdoorsy hours has a knack for helping spark some lift-off in our life. The 36th Annual Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival lifts off on May 31, June 1, and June 2, 2019.

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