Lindsay Wildlife Experience: Mini Mondays

Younger kids get to know neato animals, in Walnut Creek.

MONDAYS... have a way of attracting our moans, and groans, and the occasional extra cup of coffee (or three). We rarely schedule anything fun, or out of the ordinary, for the morning hours of the first weekday, instead choosing to save the sparklier stuff for Saturday and Sunday. But Lindsay Wildlife Experience is changing that approach to the start of the week, with its new Mini Monday programs, an animal-sweet series built just for kids ages 2 to 5 and their parents/caregivers. It isn't every Monday, but rather...

ONE MONDAY PER MONTH, which means it takes on a doable, we-got-this dimension (and an every-Monday kind of vibe might overwhelm even the most plan-ready of people). It's a two-hour program, running from 10 o'clock to noon, and each session has a theme. The first outing on Monday July 25 is all about "storytelling fun centered on animals!," while "Dig Into Dinosaurs" rounds out the month of August on the 29th. Creepy Crawly Critters reign on Sept. 26, and on Halloween Monday? Nocturnal beasties get the spotlight. Each Mini Monday will include live animal cameos, which ups the coolness factor by a bunch.

WILL MONDAY MORNING... ever have such knowledge-nice, giggle-worthy cred again? Well, it can, if we, on occasion, schedule a pre-work breakfast or the chance to nosh on a special treat mid-morning. But meeting a bird, or furry forest dweller, is about as marvelous as happenings come, whether it is a Monday morning or any other time of the week.

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