Lindsay Wildlife Experience Welcomes Four New Animal Ambassadors

Meet the new furry and feathery dignitaries at the Walnut Creek nature-minded destination.

A PERSON CAN BE FORGIVEN... for becoming a bit bobbled and tongue-tied and all-out nerve-wracked in the presence of an ambassador. After all, the lofty position brings with it great gravitas, and deep meaning, and lasting importance, and standing with such a luminary might make any of us non-ambassadors quake a little, understandably. But here's a few questions and conversation starters to keep in mind should you ever encounter the four new ambassadors at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek. The quartet of ambassadors was just announced during Thanksgiving Week, and the public will have a chance to bask in the quartet's awesome presence in the months ahead, on select dates, at the nature-focused destination. One question for the Swainson's Hawk, one of the four just-announced ambassadors? "What do you eat?" Or "when do you sleep?" You might also ask the same of the two Mexican free-tailed bats or the white-tailed kite, the trio that rounds out the new class of ambassadors.

ALL FOUR SWEET BEASTIES... were once patients at the Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital, so be sure to ask the keepers more about the inspiring back story of these cool critters. And one nifty fact? This is the first white-tailed kite to serve in an ambassador role at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience. As far as performing the duties of ambassadorship? Visitors can expect to see various animal ambassadors out and about during their time at the center, so just follow the gathering group of onlookers, people who want to know more about bats and birds and furry creatures, like you do. 

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