Line-Up Revealed: Pebble Beach Food & Wine

One of the foodie calendar's chef-iest party gets bigger in year 7.

IT'S SO NICE... when a multi-day event built on perfect scenery and sumptuous dishes and perfect wines starts to stir the excitement pot just when we're longing for nicer days and later evenings. Pebble Beach Food & Wine stirred that particular pot on Tuesday, March 4, just days ahead of Daylight Saving Time, which is the unofficial week when people start to think that maybe, maaaaybe, linger-lovely evenings and weekend-y food events could once again come back around. They can, and shall, in the form of the Pebble Beach bash, which marks its seventh outing from April 10 through 13. In just over a half decade this chefly, food-fan gathering has become one of the ooh-aah-iest on the culinary circuit, summoning big toques and a host of tasty happenings.

THIS YEAR... shall bring more of that gourmandian goodness. "(A)n unprecedented line-up of more than 100 chefs and 250 winemakers" will appear at the four-day gathering. A tribute to chef Charlie Trotter is one of the event's meaning-filled gatherings; a "special meal" made in his memory is the centerpiece, and chefs who learned at his side will be present.

FOUR DAYS OF FOOD: Other happenings throughout the weekend include Dinner with the Stars of Los Angeles -- yep, SoCal cookery'll be in the house -- and an Andrew Zimmern Cooking Demo (so expect plenty of outlandish ingredients and flavors). And the Lexus Grand Tasting? That spreads out over a 60,000-square-foot tent on Saturday, April 12 and Sunday, April 13. Tickets are now on sale for all four days, and they do the gamut-running thing; spend a hundred for a few of the single events or go whole hog with a $4,750 VIP pass, which is good for everything, as well as some private hobnobbing with the chefs.

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