Little River Inn Marks Its Big 75th

A Mendocino coast landmark marks a mondo anniversary in a mondo way.

CELEBRATION TIME: Not that we'd ever get cranky at a venerable and much-loved landmark, but when we read of places marking the big anniversaries -- say 25, 50, 75, 100 -- in a quiet and low-key way, we want to shout a bit and ruffle feathers. Then we want to apologize, for ruffling feathers, and recommend that all businesses that weather a good chunk of a century should and must mark that fact in a monumental way. Why? For one, it is quite the triumph to mark even a first anniversary, especially in the hospitality industry, but a 50th or even a 75th? Big wowza. But Little River Inn, the historic destination plunk on the Mendocino coast, recognizes the power of wowza. Thus its 75th -- which is due in 2014 -- will be marked in a variety of celebratory ways, ways that both first-time guests and ardent regulars can enjoy.

LIKE..."(R)oom discounts and packages" will be "available each month," and a host of "social media-based contests" are set to go down, too (so make sure you're following the Inn in all of the major places). Plus? A partnership with Navarro Vineyards will lead to a special celebratory wine label in the early part of the year. And if you're a brew buff, no worries: Anderson Valley Brewing Company is doing the special beer thing in the spring.

BUT WHETHER... you're there to be a part of the 75th anniversary swirl in 2014, or simply enjoy a bit of Mendo respite, best bring along your most dramatic standing-above-the-Pacific pose. The Little River Inn boasts one of those classic locations that make gazing out to the ocean, in deep thought, while wrapped in a beautiful shawl, almost mandatory. If you want to hire a harpist to play stirring notes while you pose, that's up to you, but you definitely need to rock a shawl or cape, or at least stand in a dramatic, romantic book heroine fashion above the craggy waves.

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