Look Within the Lake with Clearly Tahoe

What's below that pristine alpine surface? Peer down through your kayak and see.

IF YOU MET A WIZARD, a benevolent enchanter who wanted you to see your future self and all of your hopes and dreams, he might advise you to go "look within the lake" as a way to know what path was unfurling at your feet. You'd then proceed to trudge down to the nearest lake's edge, if you were curious, and once you reached the shore, you would, in fact, see if the wizard had been right in his helpful foretelling tip. But we don't need to wait on a wizard's arrival to gaze deeply into a lake, and predicting our future is easy if we book a glass-bottom kayak with....

CLEARLY TAHOE: Because should you book such a wondrous boat, which allows kayakers to look down and into the water, then you know exactly what the future holds: One extremely cool trip on the stunning surface of one of the planet's great alpine bodies of water. How cool is your outing with Clearly Tahoe? The kayak you'll be in is described as...

"COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT," and you'll be guided to areas of the lake that are 65 feet deep. There are also rentals, too, to explore, and the experience is open to both "beginners and expert kayakers!" Which means this: If you've gone the glass-bottom boat route before, at Catalina Island or other spots that offer this neato outing, and you dug it, there's a way to see into the water, while staying above it and dry, at Lake Tahoe.

A BONUS? There is the "comfort of a backrest" in the kayaks, which are canoe-shaped, and instruction before hand, while you're still on the beach, will keep you in the know. Check up on restrictions, must-knows, and everything you need to keep in mind before heading to Tahoe for this unusual lake-lovely adventure. What's your future? No looking into a lake nor wizard's advice is necessary; if you click here, your immediate future holds a visit to Clearly Tahoe's web site.

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