Luxuriate in Ojai's Lovely Lavender Lark

The purple-iest time on the calendar is just ahead for the pastoral area.

LAVENDER? We never seem to merely experience the fragrant herb. We "soak" in it, when it is sprinkled in our tub water, and we "steep" in it, if we're using it as a way to add scent to the air, and we can even "luxuriate" in it, if we're adding a dab of lavender perfume or using one of the many bath products filled with its pretty purple buds. A lavender lifestyle is very much about employing the senses, and fully engaging with the famous flora, in so many different ways, from decorations to bath bombs to face washes to spice blends. How, though, to fully soak, steep, and luxuriate in the iconic herb, during its Junetime peak? By going to a location where lavender rules, such as...

OJAI: True, there are a few Golden State spots that don a purple coat just as summer rolls onto the calendar, but Ojai is royalty, where lavender is concerned. Not only are there lavender farms and the celebrated Lavender Inn, but there is the Ojai Valley Lavender Festival, a true summer-starting celebration that smells so, so good. "Over 100 vendors" will call upon Libbey Park on the final Saturday of June 2019 (that would be the 29th), all to help lav lovers find soaps, potpourris, clothing, and, yes, living plants. Lots of people don lavender wearables, or at least something in the purple family, making this a most colorful lark. Can you combine the fest with a visit to some lavender-growing spots while in town? You can and should

LAVENDER DAYS... are on the way, a signal of warmer weeks, so hang tight, purple-obsessed people who adore herb-tastic products. Rev up your anticipation mode here. 

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