Mammoth Lakes Rocking the Foliage Wow Now

Are you feeling the "go now" call to visit the Eastern Sierra communities?

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE? A calendar that can be changed up, or thrown out, at a moment's notice? A line-up of to-dos that might easily transform into to-don'ts? Well... sigh. As much as we'd all like to stay on our toes, and call ourselves as free as the wind, and think that we're able to do most anything with a few minutes to pack a bag, there is life, and family, and work, and the hundreds of other daily musts to consider. So, nope: Dropping it all, to jump in the car and drive for in the direction of something delightful, isn't typically in the cards for most over-scheduled, way-busy humans. But, come the early fall, do...

FOLIAGE FANS... attempt to stay a little looser, and a bit more uncommitted, due to the leafy show going down in various parts of the Golden State? Places where thigns are going to only be golden for a week, two, or three? Yes, foliage fans, on the whole, do attempt that loosy-goosier vibe, at least come the start of October. If you're a maven of autumnal color, the next piece of information will shock you... not at all.

MAMMOTH LAKES... is doing has adorned itself in the most October-ish hues, and various Eastern Sierra communities are following spectacular suit. "The next three weeks are going to be epic!" reads an excited social media post from Mono County Tourism, and you can count on some colorful drives and hikes, should you make your way to the area before the final third of October arrives. And a representative for Mammoth Mountain reports that locals around the area are saying that they're seeing "... the best colors they've seen in years.

A FEW DATES... to consider as you plan your Eastern Sierra sojourn? Reds Meadow Road (at Minaret Vista) shutters for the season at noon on Oct. 9, if you wanted to include that gorgeous area in your visit. And if you're more about flakes than foliage? Ski fun at Mammoth Mountain kicks off on Nov. 8, 2018.

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