Mammoth Mountain: Ski, Bike & Golf in a Day

Can you do all three in a day? Find out, over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

VENTURE INTO THE MOUNTAINS... and you're bound to come across a couple of streams that intersect, and walking trails that dovetail, and roads that meet up, here and there, as they wend along passes. But streams and roads and trails aren't the only mountain staples that find connection points along the way. Happenings can, too, as in those events we normally think of as only existing during a single time of the year. Skiing is for winter, golf is for spring, summer, and fall, and biking? As long as the trails are mostly clear of snow, you and your wheels can roll. Up on Mammoth Mountain, however, there is a tradition that sidles up to the Fourth of July, typically, and it is all about the intersection of those three popular pursuits. For sure, biking and golfing are standard must-dos when summer revs up, but a snowy slope? That can happen, too, in 2017, for the winter that just wrapped up boasted a whole bunch of flakeage (as did early June, even). So if you're looking to Ski, Bike & Golf at Mammoth over the pre-holiday weekend, best get your...

99 BUCKS... ready, for that is all it will take to sign up for all three activities, as long as you do all three over the course of a single day. What are the asterisks and should-knows with this money-saver of a deal? You'll need to start your golf game after 3 in the afternoon at "California's highest golf course," the Sierra Star. So, yep, think of your 9-holer as your last activity of your brimming-to-full day. Mammoth Bike Park, and skiing, though, are open to you throughout your $99 day, so start at either early, and work your way through the trio of to-dos. Have you ever schussed, swung, and caught air, wheels-wise, within a few hours? In July, no less? This could qualify for something mighty bucket-list-y, if you're a fan of those three things. And if you didn't get enough skiing in, fear not: Mammoth Mountain is planning on staying open into August 2017, which hasn't happened since 1995. The Ski, Bike & Golf package? That's on from July 2-4, 2017.

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