Marking World Oceans Day in Monterey

The Monterey Bay Aquarium hosts a slate of earth-minded to-dos.

WATERY PLANET: It's one of those percentages that kids learn and then repeat, ad infinitum, for several months. We speak of the fact that about 70% of our planet is water, or on the watery side, something that continues to fascinate we humans even as we grow long past our kidly years. And while several of the beasties, both on land and in the sea, get their annual special dates on the calendar -- hello, World Giraffe Day on June 21 -- there are a couple of dates we should all pay attention to, because they cover a larger swath of nature, the future, and what we can do to play our parts in conservation and care. Earth Day is definitely one, yes, but another important occasion arrives just a few weeks after the April holiday. It's World Oceans Day, a moment that's devoted to reminding people not just of the interesting fish and mammals and jellies and coral of the deep, but of the deep itself. Deep? Maybe a little, but it is worth pausing to take note of what our oceans need, what we're doing right, what could use some rethinking, and what's next. A number of places up and down the coast will be observing the day, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has a two-day program planned on Saturday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8.

WORLD OCEANS DAY... celebrations will include "live musical performances, crafts, sustainable seafood samplings, special bilingual programming" and other happenings. There's a strong educational element to the day, so come prepared to learn. And know you'll likely leave wanting to lend a hand. For while we do and should celebrate the life on this planet, in all the right and supportive ways, considering the larger homes -- the earth and the oceans -- lends a bigger picture to conservation and what's next. And what we humans can do to keep that 70% healthy, here on this beautiful watery planet.

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