Marysville Peach Fest Delivers Juicy Times

Admission is free and the treats to buy are as luscious as the party's namesake.


PONDER ALL OF THE PEACHY EATS... you adore, and that you've tried, and that you'd like to try, and you'll probably come up with... five? Six? Even eight? You likely named "cobbler," and "ice cream," and "cake," and perhaps "candy," as in those peach gummies that kind of really do rock a peach-tastic hue. But even if you named a dozen, it still would be hard to list all of the lovely dishes and goodies available at the Marysville Peach Festival.

IN FACT, the juicy, bright-flavored roster is right there on the festival's homepage, trumpeting all sorts of treats from peach salsa to BBQ peach burgers to deep-fried peaches to peach scones and peach milkshakes and peach taffy and peach egg rolls and, and, and... Well, peaches have gone far in the whole fruits-in-other-foods category. If the peach is your ultimate summer produce aisle pick, consider calling upon Historic Downtown Marysville on...

JULY 21 AND 22, 2018, when the festival will be in full and yummy flower. Some 30,000 people attend, and with free admission, you can stow your dollars for peach scones and peach pie and whatever other peachy delectables you desire. There's live music and a Peaches and Pancakes Breakfast and the 2018 Peach Festival Tasty Treat Challenge. Do note that the fuzzy fun is happening on a Friday and Saturday before you go, okay? Good. So have you truly...

TRIED EVERY PEACH-THEMED ITEM... that'll be served at the upcoming Marysville party? If you have, we have to believe you call a peach orchard home or that you've wisely lined up some sort of daily peach delivery to your front door. If so, lucky you.

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