Mats ‘n Mountains Merge at Wanderlust Festival

Squaw Valley is the spot for this utterly serene, look-within, move-stretch spectacular.

WHEN YOU'RE ON YOUR MAT? You can go most anywhere while never leaving the squishy rectangle below you. You can let your mind soar above the ocean, or travel to Jupiter, or look deeply within your heart, brain, or both. For stilling the mind means you may travel, inwardly, most anywhere, without a care. Something a little marvelous, though, happens when you and your mat physically travel to a plane of higher perfection, "higher" in the sense that you're up among the peaks and alpine splendor near Lake Tahoe. It's a whole different serenity, one filled with fresh air, high-altitude nature, and your mat-occupying co-adventurers. And many a mat, and adventurer, will call upon...

WANDERLUST FESTIVAL... when it returns to Squaw Valley from July 18 through 21, 2019. The gathering, which includes a strong yoga vibe but includes so much more, is called "(o)ne of the largest yoga & lifestyle events in the world." Upping that large-a-tude? Squaw Valley is its flagship spot, making for one grand and glowful good time. Attendees might be interested in the multi-hour immersion seminars, led by wellness pros, or a HIIT class. Other choices include Cosmic Waves Moving Meditation, SUP Yoga: Aqua Alignment Basics, Radically Soulful Silence, Love And Pilates, a Freeform Dance Jam, Simple Meditation for Stressful Times, and Sound Healing: A Deep Sonic Journey on a Wave of Sound.

FOR THE FULL SCHEDULE, the wellness speakers set to show, what you need to know to go, and that spectacular Squaw Valley vibe, step off your mat for just a moment and look more deeply within this site, for further insight, now.

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