May the Fourth to Be Lit in Sacramento

The sabers shall glow at a mondo meet-up.

David Bledsoe

HOW DO YOU DO MAY THE FOURTH? If you're in school, it might be that time of year when finals are near, and you're going over particular books and subjects again, to thoroughly review what you've learned. If you're a fan of warmer weather, you might be packing your first picnic or planning a hike at a higher elevation, the kind of place that just had some snow a few weeks ago. And if you love "Star Wars"? You're likely doing up your Leia-style buns, or donning your Han Solo-cool vest, and finding an event of some sort, be it a toy debut, a screening, or a place where a whole bunch of sabers'll be shimmery after dark. For May the Fourth is acknowledged to be "Star Wars" Day, near and far, and the whole "may the force be with you" part of it doesn't have to be mulled too hard to figure out why. That a few "Star Wars" films have debuted in May makes the Maytime holiday also perfect, time-wise, and that the temperatures are heating up? Even lovelier, as long as they don't get quite as roasty as Jakku. In...

SACRAMENTO, at Fremont Park, the annual Saber Battle is set to take place. If you don't have one, you can reserve one, for five bucks. If you don't want to participate, but you want to see all of that after-sundown glow, make for Midtown by 8, when the gathering will begin. A thousand people showed in 2017, making for some great photos, and a lot of fans feeling the power of the Force. The good-natured event is free, and "... space cats of all ages are welcome." For more details, the address, and all the info you need to make the Kessel Run to our capital city, unhand your saber now and click.

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