Maypoles and Mother’s Day: A Springtime Russian River Party

The Russian River Valley Rose Company embraces the joys of May.

Russian River Rose Company

THAT QUINTESSENTIAL SEASONAL SYMBOL: We all remember the many symbols of the various seasons from grade school craft time. Cutting out maroon and orange leaves for the fall posters and snowflakes for the windows during the wintertime and big yellow bursting suns, the ultimate sign of summertime, is still fresh in our grown-up brains (as is the enduring love we developed for thick, colorful construction paper and scissors with rounded ends). As for the symbols of springtime? Bees and butterflies and pretty bugs were on the craft-making roster, as were flowers and maypoles and puffy clouds. Rather remarkably, there are still places where all of those can be found and enjoyed, all on one day. Nope, you don't need to drive to the Bee Place to see bees or the Flower Spot to admire petals. You can get all of your spring symbols in at the Russian River Rose Company, on a single day. Or make that two days, if you wish and you're a lifelong maypole maven: Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3.

"PEAK OF BLOOM": That's the delightful description coming out of the Healdsburg nature-nice destination, so if you want to eye roses in full, luxurious petal, now's the time. There shall be a maypole up over the first weekend in May, and you can participate, if you remember how it goes, another special memory from grade school. The ribbons are for weaving, of course, but much of the joy of a maypole is smiling at all of your co-weavers as you pass them in succession. The price? A suggested donation of two bucks. Wandering the nursery and garden and sniffing the 650 types of roses? That's free.

MOTHER'S DAY OPEN GARDEN: If you'd like to return the following Sunday -- that's May 10 -- with your main lady, to celebrate her day, there is an open garden happening. The big buds should still be in glorious bloom and taking them all in sounds like the perfect pursuit for you and mommy. Cost? Again, a suggested donation of two dollars. Happy spring-symbol-ing, maypolers and flower fans.

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