Mendocino Almost Fringe Fest: So Much Goat

The second annual happening is back, with spirit and heart and art and "all things goat," in April.

GO(AT) FOR IT: There's nearly nothing in this world that can't be improved by the addition of some magical, glorious, beautiful bearded, wonderfully bleaty goat energy. Cheese is made sumptuously creamier when goats are involved, and farm visits are made cheerier, because goats are blithely leaping about, and viral videos are made more charming, because hearing the voice of a goat in a cute video is like hearing a sound emanating directly from the center of your heart. So to go to a gorgeous stretch of California that is quite goat'd out, for some sweet goat admiration, and to also get some art-admiring in, and wildflowers, and wine, too, is a treat that can not be bleated about enough. If you just mouthed the word "Mendocino," because you correctly know that Mendocino County is home to some splendid goats and some wickedly good wine and all manner of arts shows and flowery spreads, we're bleating happily in your direction. That's right, the second...

MENDOCINO ALMOST FRINGE FESTIVAL... is back in April 2018, and with it? The Fourth Annual Goat Festival & Wildflower Show on Saturday, April 21. You might be able to milk a goat — we'd never joke about such an amazing opportunity — and you can try goat calling, too. But the larger Almost Fringe Festival, which pops up around Mendo throughout the flowery fourth month, is also about Earth Day, a ukulele festival, using mushrooms to create dyes, a Trashion Show for recycled wearables, and a Dystopian Banquet and Topless Tapas Dinner. If you need some goat-based joy in your life, and some mushroom-dye techniques, and more uke music, and more goats even beyond the first goats you meet, make your way to MenCo in April. Just make sure you're there on the right date, in the right town, for the exact Almost Fringe event you want to see or join. Or, you know, decamp to the area for a month, if you can, which sounds pretty perfect, an extended getaway that would be truly worth leaping about, goat-style.

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