Mill Valley Gourmet Tasting

70+ wineries are on board to pour at the June-sunny gathering.

STACKING A SANDWICH HIGH, or adding several extra items to your salad, including a few heaping spoonfuls of croutons, or dolloping extra fudge on top of a sundae are indulgent pursuits many people indulge in from time to time, with the knowledge that getting a little fancy, food-wise, keeps life fizzy. The same keep-life-fizzy notion applies to our major food and/or beverage festivals, too. Sometimes a gathering of gourmands can be straightforward, built solely around a single fruit or a lone type of libation. But sometimes the whole proverbial sandwich gets stacked, and not only are extra croutons thrown onto the salad, but a bunch of sunflower seeds and cheese shavings are added to the mix, too. Look to the 2016 Mill Valley Wine, Beer & Gourmet Food Tasting, a celebration with a big handle, and a big handle on a lot of the area's best wines, brews, and bites. 

WHAT'S IN A NAME? The 35th outing of the grand afternoon party rounds up over 70 wineries and several regional breweries to lend bubbles, flavor, and thirst-quench-a-bility to the proceedings, while a number of eateries and makers of posh foodstuffs'll offer everything from spring rolls, scones, pies, olive oils, soup shooters, and more on the meal side of the equation. Who is set to show at the Sunday, June 5 foodie festival? City Cellars, Keenan Winery, Devoto Orchard Cider, Pugs Leap Cheese, Sol Food, and El Paseo are just a few of the names on the sizable slate of purveyors.

ATTENDING? Your ticket is fifty bucks ahead of time, sixty if you buy it there. The Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce and Kiddo! The Mill Valley Schools Community Foundation are the tasting's beneficiaries. 

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