Mirth + Merriment: San Jose Renaissance Faire

Enjoy the annual Fantasy Fest, too, at Discovery Meadow.

A "FULL, INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE"... that whisks you through the centuries to another era? An era that saw jousts, and madrigals, and a hundred different ye olde experiences that aren't really seen nowadays? It's hard to wade your way back through the centuries, unless, of course, you have a magical centuries-wading machine (and, if so, lucky you). For those of us not in possession of such a device there is the renaissance faire, a ribald, colorful, turkey leg-laden affair that bubbles with glee and humor and history and all-out theatrics, too. There's one just ahead, at Discovery Meadow in San Jose, and, at its side? The Fairy Fest, which gives a glittery glow to the weekend, and a major dose of ethereal fantasy, too. So whether you enjoy doing the whole straight-up, from-the-books ren-tastic thing, or you want some fairy wings and a sprinkling of magic, too, there shall be both, and how, on...

SATURDAY, AUG. 5 AND SUNDAY, AUG. 6: While we await the 2017 event, you can peek back at what wonders occurred in 2016, like the Buccaneer Boot Camp, the Merrie Pranksters, and Bard's Cloak of Tales. Shopping is always a major aspect, with fragrances, wearables, masks, jewelry, leather and stone goods, and artworks for purchase. Will there be food & drink, or, Food & Drynk, rather? Sustenance is a good idea when a reveler wants to keep on jestin' throughout the day. For all of the ye olde, don-your-ruff, rock-your-doublet details, visit the online castle of San Jose Renaissance Faire & Fantasy Fest at once, good ladies and sirs. 

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