Mmm, It's the Mole & Mariachi Festival

Seed-tastic and slightly sweet tastes rule this long-standing fundraiser for Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park.

THE TASTES OF LATE SUMMER? You might understandably consider corn to be a king, or you might believe that zucchinis to rule the produce aisle, or even think that tomatoes are primo this time of year. But when we think about those foodstuffs that build a bite-worthy bridge between the toasty days of summer and the spicier days of autumn, we first think of toasted seeds and chocolate notes (hi there, Halloween) and heartier fare and a sweeter heat that doesn't disappear after a second or two. And while a few classics might fill these big shoes, there is only one major player we're daydreaming about it here, and it is...

MOLE: The sauce-rich Oaxacan favorite isn't only seen as August shakes September's hand, of course, but it feels right as we begin the cool-down approach to the autumnal equinox. And helping us on that approach is one of the most history-minded, mole-marvelous fundraisers around, at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. Presented by the Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, the Mole & Mariachi Festival rocks both the live and brassy sounds of traditional mariachi tunes, as well as several talented chefs creating creamy sauces with kick. One of the mustlights, which is like a must-do and a highlight all in one, for visitors? Purchasing a tasting kit, so a number of moles may be tried in one fell and spicy swoop.

THE 2019 DATE... is Saturday, Sept. 7 from 11 a.m. to 5 o'clock. The place, of course, is the exquisite and picturesque park. And the eating? So very summer/fall. Could we call it fummer feasting? That's about right, if a tad awkward. So here's to fummer food, especially mole, which feels like the perfect nosh as September begins and we turn our attentions to the more substantial and richer pleasures of the table.

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