Monarch Anticipation: Butterfly Beauty Ahead

If you're looking at late-October-ish for your first grove visit, you're in the right territory.

"I'VE LANDED": Ever waited on a friend to arrive in town? You've likely received a text saying "I've landed" or a phone call asking for directions as your pal gets closer to the city limits. But some of our most flutteriest of friends don't bother to text, or call, or even email or post to social media when they finally land. They're too busy migrating, and clustering up along the branches of old eucalyptus trees, and warming their wings, and even pausing to text us would disrupt that ancient flow. It's the Monarch butterflies we're rhapsodizing about here, and they're due to return to the groves they gather at, each wintertime, around the beginning of November. In fact, Morro Bay is already seeing some early Monarch action, so peeking in on your favorite Monarch-rich spot earlier in October may just yield some gorgeous, butterfly-filled sights. 

THE PACIFIC GROVE MONARCH SANCTUARY... will begin releasing counts near the end of October, counts that detail what observers are seeing. It's the "... the largest public monarch overwintering site in Monterey County," and should you visit from November through February, from noon to 3 in the afternoon, you'll be able to chat with a docent. Also? Viewing scopes make the Monarch experience that much more amazing, so definitely take a turn with one. Why is that a prime time to visit the sanctuary? The butterflies are bound to be a bit flittier during "the warmest time of day," making for some primo observations. Keep in mind, though, that you can spy butterflies, as in the sweet kid-costumed kind, in Pacific Grove on Saturday, Oct. 7 at the long-running, community-fun Butterfly Parade & Bazaar.

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